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The Money Maker book cover - a hilarious look at a dreamer trying to make it big in network marketingThe Money Maker is now available in paperback as well as e-book!

Paul Cousins, an unemployed salesman, struggles to succeed in a network marketing company (AKA pyramid scheme) when he meets an outrageous restaurant owner who help him attain his dreams of a better life.  But unknown to Paul, the company is hiding a dark secret.  Who’s in on it?  And what’s at stake for Paul if it’s revealed?

The Money Maker takes an inside look at the network marketing industry and reveals its hype and hypocrisy through a crazy cast of characters.  Inspired by his own foray into network marketing, the author seeks to shine a light on an industry that has created a facade of success.

Most people who have attempted network marketing would rather have a root canal than try it again.  Anyone who has ever been in the business can relate to the religious fervor of the conventions and the subsequent brainwashing of the distributors that they can achieve “financial freedom.”  The few that have ever made money in network marketing has been at the expense of thousands who lost money.

If The Money Maker offends any current network marketers, so be it.  The millions of losers in the industry will knowingly nod their heads and laugh.

Dan Sizemore, author of The Money Maker, a novel that pokes fun at people who think they’ll get rich in network marketing (aka pyramid schemes).  Click here to read the first chapter.

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